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The Benefits of the Music Scene for Your Mental Health

We all know music benefits your mental health in many ways. But what about the music scene? Why does going to concerts and festivals feel so healing?

At Punk Rock Saves Lives (PRSL), we’re very active in the music community for so many reasons...and one of them is because of how wonderful the punk community is!

The camaraderie found in the music scene can be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Here’s how!

Shared Interests

Talking about your favorite things can be a major mood booster. If you need a distraction from what’s going on in your head, are struggling to get out of a funk, or just want to share how much you loved a band’s latest album, the music community is there to lift your spirits!

If you experience social anxiety, music is a fantastic ice breaker, and a great way to meet new people and forge lifelong friendships. As adults, it may seem difficult or awkward to “make friends”, but having the shared love of something is an instant bonding opportunity.

You’re Never Alone

Perhaps one of the best parts of the music community? You never have to feel alone. There’s always someone to connect with, someone to talk to, someone to meet. Concerts and festivals are wonderful experiences, because of the unity of the music fans; there’s a lot of love and respect between show attendees, and that can make all the difference!

And if you can’t connect in person, online music forums are also great places to socialize!

The Energy of Live Shows

The rush you get while attending a live show is like absolutely nothing else. The shared excitement creates an incredible build, and the glow from a show can take hours or even days to fade away, leaving you with a lasting memory.

When you attend live music events, you become a part of something bigger than yourself, and for a time you’re able to leave everything else behind. You can let yourself be absorbed by the music and by the people around you, swept away by the palpable feel of the music.

(While live music events may look a little different right now, they are still happening! And if you’re struggling with pandemic anxiety, know that you’re not alone.)

Connecting With People Who Understand

When you struggle with mental illness, sometimes it can be hard to find people who really understand your experiences. In the music industry, many artists use their songs to share their own experiences and share them with others...creating a great dialogue to discuss your own struggles.

We’ve taken this even further; PRSL has created a virtual mental health community where you can share your experiences and connect with others who also fight daily battles. Join us today, and find the place where the love of music and mental health advocacy meet!

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