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Positivity. Unity. Nurture. Kindness.

Help us END THE STIGMA around Mental Health.

Punk Rock Saves Lives (PRSL) is not a 24-hour helpline, nor are we trained mental health professionals. PRSL hopes to serve as a safe place to talk and not feel alone.

If this is an emergency, or if you are worried that you or someone you know may be at risk for suicide, please call your local authorities (911), contact a mental health professional, or call and talk to someone at the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

Foundation 45 and PRSL

Find Help

It is ok to ask for help. You are NOT alone. Needing help is very human.

Everyone's journey is extremely different. We are here to help find a bridge to the path that works best for you. Please use these links to FIND IMMEDIATE HELP. 

Below we have more ways to be involved in our Punk Rock Saves Lives Community. Let's do this TOGETHER.



Peer Support


Connect with the Punk Rock Saves Lives Mental Health Community around the world. Led by peers, PRSL's support groups meet online, and provide a safe space to share. 

Join our support groups via zoom or social media. Especially our Recovery Support Groups. 


Stories from the PRSL community.

Read our Mental Health Blog or watch one of our PMA sessions on YOUTUBE to learn more about Punk Rock Saves Lives and Mental Health. 


Connect with our network of orginizations.

We are cultivating a network of mental health providers, nonprofit organizations, and like minded individuals committed to making a difference in our community.

Please check them out and find some helpful resources.


Coming Soon-PRSL Wellness Offers!

As we build our mental health community, we have found like minded individuals willing to give our PRSL family some discounts on mobile apps and wellness opportunities! 

This is still IN THE WORKS but soon all you will need to do is CLICK the button below to find opportunities to help your journey. 

Find Offers
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