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How To Maintain Your Mental Health This Summer

Have you been feeling extreme levels of burnout this summer and you can’t quite figure out why? Or, maybe you know why, but you just can’t figure out how to navigate away from the habits that are landing you there…

Whatever the reason, you are not alone!

Following last year’s quarantine, people seem to be going ALL OUT this summer. We all want that extra vitamin D, and we’re eager to make up for lost time with our loved ones and finally escape on planned adventures--often at great expense to ourselves.

So, how do you maintain a good balance between prioritizing your mental health needs while still embracing all that this summer has to offer?

Reinforce Your Boundaries

We may sound really repetitive with this one, but setting and keeping to your boundaries is very important when it comes to protecting your mental health; especially at times like this. When it’s been so long since you’ve been able to spend time with people, you might feel pressured to be flexible in those boundaries; don’t be!

Remember that those boundaries are in place for a reason and that you’re going to be better off for yourself and your loved ones if you stick to them. Breaking boundaries will add to your frustration and your burnout, amplifying those negative feelings that threaten your mental peace.

Schedule Time To Rest

Right now it may feel like time is slipping away from you, and you need to stay busy every second to take advantage of whatever opportunities are presenting themselves. While embracing opportunity is all well and good, having a packed schedule with no break time for YOU is not.

Taking the time to rest is important for so many reasons, but especially when you are struggling with your mental health. When you take the time to recharge and unplug from the world around you, it gives your mind a chance to disengage from the overstimulation that you may be experiencing in your daily life. By scheduling time each week for self-care and rest, you can work towards beating the burnout you’re currently experiencing!

Do Regular Mental Health Check-Ins

Check-in with yourself multiple times a day to see how your mental health is faring. Do you need a break? Do you need to limit exposure to an activity or person to reestablish your mental peace? Identify what you need at the moment, and adjust.

In addition, checking in with your loved ones can often make all the difference when someone is struggling with their mental health. It recognizes the needs of the person struggling and helps them to feel heard and not isolated in their struggle.

Proactively Find Support For When You Need It

Rather than waiting for a time of crisis, it’s important to have your list of mental health resources ready for when you need it. Create an action plan for times of difficulty, and find someone--a therapist, a loved one, a community--to be part of your personal support system for the days when the world is too heavy.

Worried you won’t want to “burden” another person, even though logically you know that you’re not? Find the right mobile mental health resources to fit your needs so that all you need to do is press a few buttons on your phone screen.

At Punk Rock Saves Lives, we care about the mental health of our community. That’s why we work so hard; we want you to have the resources you need when you need them. We all deserve a safe space; hopefully we’re able to be a part of yours!

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