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Ways to Access Mental Health Resources on the Go

We know that life happens, and it can sometimes be hard to “make time” for your mental health when you’re always on the go. With festival season just around the corner, we can relate!

In the age of smartphones, there’s absolutely no reason why you have to sacrifice your mental health connection for your busy schedule! With the internet in the palm of your hand, and available nearly anywhere you go, mental health resources have never been more accessible.

So, how can you access mental health resources while you’re on the go?

Virtual Peer Support Groups

While many people view social media as the great evil of our age when it comes to mental health, when you find the right corners of the internet it can actually help you connect with people who share the experience of struggling with their mental health and remind you that you are not alone!

Punk Rock Saves Lives has its own peer mental health group on Facebook where our community can come together, share their struggles, and find support. Or even just put it out there, because sometimes just sharing how you’re feeling and getting it out of you can be extremely healing! We even have scheduled Zoom calls throughout the month to help our community make (virtual) face-to-face connections to share about their specific struggles, such as grief and addiction, with those who have also experienced them!

Mobile Apps

From journaling to meditation to therapy in your pocket, app creators have worked hard to make it incredibly easy to find a way to support your mental health whenever you need it! From self-care on the go like gratitude journaling to mood trackers and much more, there is no end of possibilities for you to find a mental health boost.

Apps like Sanvello have even partnered with health insurance companies to bring you free premium services!

Crisis Lines

From text lines to hotlines to call, there are so many resources to contact if you find yourself in crisis and away from hands-on resources. We may have something in the works to share with you down the line, but for now, please check out our mental health resources on our website!


Thanks to COVID-19, it has never been easier to access virtual therapy! Via your own personal therapist or an app, you can connect with a certified mental health professional at the click of a button. So if you would usually have a regularly scheduled appointment with your therapist, but you have to travel or suddenly find yourself stuck at home and unable to make the appointment in-person, be sure to explore virtual options; and take the pressure off of you to have to add one more thing to your busy schedule!

It’s Okay to Need Support

We all need a little help sometimes, and it is absolutely okay not to be okay. Remember that you are never alone, and that our community is always here to catch you if you hit a rough patch.

It’s okay to ask for help; from friends, from family, from co-workers, from employers, from strangers on the internet, from mental health professionals.

It’s okay to tell friends and family what you need and what you’re experiencing.

It’s okay to go to therapy.

It’s okay to take medication.

It’s okay to not be able to get through life alone; you shouldn’t be expected to. You have a community. You never have to do anything alone, if that’s not what you choose.

We all fall down sometimes. And, thanks to the internet, we have a million and one different ways to pick ourselves up, even when we are constantly on the move!

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