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Mental Health “Getaways” For Any Budget

Are you starting to feel apathetic, worn down, or just not quite yourself? Does it feel like your daily routine just isn’t working for you right now? Does it feel like the world around you is just too much? If you’re struggling with your mental health, sometimes you just need a mental health day. And that’s totally understandable!

Taking a few hours, a few days, or even a few weeks away from your daily grind can significantly benefit your mental health. We’ve compiled a list of a few different kinds of home-based adventures that can fit any timeframe or budget!

See a Show

If you don’t have much time away, sometimes just getting out into the world and doing something you love can help break the tension you’ve been feeling. As a bunch of music lovers, one of the best ways to do that is to go to a local show! The music scene can be incredibly healing, and immersing yourself in the thrill of live music can help push all your worries aside for a few hours–just what the doctor ordered!


Helping others is good for the soul. Find a cause to support, and then get out there and make a difference! By supporting a cause you are passionate about, you can move away from the things that drain you by reminding yourself what you care about and seeing the fruits of your labor. Whether you spend time walking dogs at your local animal shelter, help fundraise for a local nonprofit, or volunteer at a Punk Rock Saves Lives event, there’s always a way for you to be involved in your community!

Take A Roadtrip

Sometimes you may get the urge to just get in your car and just drive. What if you actually did it? Whether you want a spontaneous adventure where you just pick a direction and go, or whether you have a destination in mind, hitting the road can be incredibly cathartic as you watch your troubles literally fade away in your rearview mirror. Consider taking one of these road trips if you’re looking to see something spectacular on your journey!

Take A Day Trip

Every now and then it can be nice to experience a change of scenery! Do a little research on nearby hidden gems and make a day of it. Hot springs, hiking trails, historic sites, ghost towns, museums… Often there are some amazing things that you can enjoy with just a few hours of travel!

Plan a Staycation

If leaving town isn’t an option, consider what you can do locally! Staycations can vary from hunkering down at home with your favorite snacks and movie series to booking a night in a local hotel. Check out a local farmers/crafts market, try a new restaurant, or pick up a hobby you never seem to have time for anymore–the possibilities are endless and very budget-friendly!

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