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Host A Virtual PRSL Fundraiser on Facebook!

Did you know that Punk Rock Saves Lives is now officially eligible for fundraising through Facebook?!

It’s a great way to raise funds for our cause with minimal work on your end! With just a few clicks of a button, you can be hosting a Facebook fundraiser where all of the profits go directly to PRSL!

What Is A Facebook Fundraiser?

A Facebook fundraiser is a virtual opportunity to raise money for your favorite cause. When you host a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization, all of the funds go directly to that nonprofit -- Facebook doesn’t even take a cut!

When you host a fundraiser online, you can collect donations from ANYWHERE; that means that, even though we’re based in Colorado, you can host a fundraiser from wherever you are, your friends can donate from wherever they are, and the money will still come directly to PRSL in support of our mission!

How Do I Organize One?

Organizing a Facebook fundraiser is SO EASY!

Log into Facebook and go to Facebook Fundraisers. Select your nonprofit of choice, and click “create”! It’s that easy!! From your fundraiser dashboard, you can edit your fundraising goal, share the fundraiser on your page, and even write some information about why the nonprofit means so much to you!

When Should I Plan A Fundraiser?

Anytime is good for a fundraiser! Host one whenever you feel like it, to celebrate someone’s memory, in recognition of an awareness month/week/day, or just to draw attention to a cause that you are passionate about!

You can also plan your fundraiser around an event; Facebook’s recommended birthday fundraisers are incredibly popular, giving you the opportunity to ask friends to support your favorite nonprofit in lieu of (or in addition to!) physical gifts.

Why Are These Fundraisers Important?

With things opening back up after being so stagnant for the last year, we are SO EXCITED to get back on the road this summer and fall for what is shaping up to be a KILLER festival season. With that comes costs, and these fundraisers can go a long way to helping us with festival supplies and support for our volunteers on the ground!

Thank you so much for being a part of our amazing community; together, we can make an impact in our world!

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