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PRSL Is Available On AmazonSmile!

We have some exciting news for you all...Punk Rock Saves Lives is available as a charity via AmazonSmile!

We posted about this on our social media channels some time ago, but we wanted to collect the info all in one place so that you can always easily reference back to the blog to find out more about what this means and how it helps PRSL!

So, let’s dive right in!

What Is AmazonSmile, and How Does It Work?

AmazonSmile is an awesome program started by Amazon where you get to do your regular shopping...and a portion of your eligible product purchases get donated directly to your favorite charity!

Once you have selected your charity (*cough cough* PRSL *wink*), all you have to do is keep shopping using your Amazon account and Amazon will do the rest! Tens of millions of products are donation eligible, and each item is marked on its product detail page to let you know if proceeds are able to go to your charity!

How Do I Set It Up?

Using AmazonSmile is a breeze!

If you’re shopping from your desktop, simply go to and choose your charity. If you’re already logged into your Amazon account on your device, that’s all you need to do!

If shopping from the Amazon Shopping app on your mobile device, go to the menu, find Programs & Features, select “AmazonSmile”, choose your charity, and you’re all set! On the app, you will be prompted biannually to renew your use of AmazonSmile; you will get push notifications to help you know when to renew!

Already have AmazonSmile, but want to switch to PRSL as your charity? Go to, or go to AmazonSmile in the app menu, and make the adjustment!

How Does It Help PRSL?

When you use AmazonSmile, you are directly helping to fund our organization! For every eligible purchase, PRSL will receive 0.5% of that cost as a donation directly from the AmazonSmile Foundation! So, by going about your day and shopping as you usually would on Amazon, you are helping to fund our efforts nationwide!

Thank you all for your support; we have the greatest community in the world!

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