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Join us in celebrating, uplifting, and promoting Woman in all forms as we feature Badass Women and Women's Organizations. We have teamed up with our friends at Mable Syndrome, Someplaces Images, and Amber Goddess Designs to enhance our WOMEN community. If you want to join our network of BADASS women please email


The Women of Punk Rock Saves Lives

8/31/20 - read more on Facebook

PRSL is lucky to be led, run, advised, and influenced by the most amazing and ever-growing collection of women!


Mad Twins Art

8/29/20 - read more on Facebook

Olga and Vira are amazing artists, activists in The Ukraine, and all around amazing ladies. Their artwork spans album covers, tributes and even PRSL co-founder Rob & Walther the Punk Rock Corgi!


Laura Rose

8/28/20 - read more on Facebook

Laura Rose is a mom, boudoir model, punk rock supporter supreme, and she along with a few others launched Camp Punkslyvania and Punkslyvania Podcast. Check it out!


Rachel Taft

8/27/20 - read more on Facebook

Rachel Taft started Feed the Scene to house, feed and look after touring bands in her home town of Baltimore. She is also a promoter, activist, and all around kind person.


Liz Christopoulos

8/26/20 - read more on Facebook

Liz is a nurse, fierce friend, mother, wife, activist, and an amazing lover and supporter of punk music. She hosts bands in her home with the best hospitality.


Ann Dee

8/25/20 - read more on Facebook

Ann Dee is a single mom, hairdresser and all around punk rock fan and supporter. She was nominated by the Colorado Punk Rock Army. Click on the Facebook link to read more about her journey.


Dolly Parton

8/24/20 - read more on Facebook

Dolly Parton survived a music scene that degraded her as much as uplifted her to become a total force of nature and true humanitarian. (painting by #badasswoman Kristin Bargmann)

Poly_Styrene_croppedSource =http://www.f

Poly Styrene

8/23/20 - read more on Facebook

Poly Styrene is a true punk rock icon and a woman at the forefront of revolution. She was there in the beginning and kept on till her passing in 2011.


All Asian Women Rockers

8/22/20 - read more on Facebook

We'd like to give a shoutout to all Asian women rockers out there with a special mention to Shonen Knife. Read more about Women in Asian Punk/Hardcore/Metal.

Ruth_Bader_Ginsburg_2016_portrait_By Sup

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

8/21/20 - read more on Facebook

RBG stands on the front lines of social justice and legal matters. She has had an amazing career breaking the glass ceiling and bringing women's rights to the forefront. 


Riley Poldek

8/20/20 - read more on Facebook

Riley found her soul and her calling through her journey and volunteers with Sidewalk Art Project, Mable Syndrome, and PRSL. Read about her journey.


Liz Mallers

8/19/20 - read more on Facebook

Liz Mallers, M. Ed. Human Sexuality - Educator, Coach, & Advocate - helps educate and inform us all on the joy and healthy aspects of sex and sexuality.


Bad Cop / Bad Cop

8/18/20 - read more on Facebook

The women of Bad Cop / Bad Cop are Stacey Dee, Jennie Cotterill, Myra Gallarza, and Linh Le - they make music that has heart, means something, stands for everyone and is simply inspirational!


The Venomous Pinks

8/17/20 - read more on Facebook

The Venomous Pinks Gaby Kaos | Drea Doll | Cassie Jalilie are amazing women who rock. PRSL is honored to support them and we think you should too!


Sister Rosetta Tharpe

8/16/20 - read more on Facebook

Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a pioneer of Rock and Roll and an amazing talent.


Latinas & Non-Binary Latinx Punk Rockers

8/15/20 - read more on Facebook

To all the Young Latinas and Non-Binary Latinx keeping punk rock alive. Read more about them.


Laura Jane Grace

8/14/20 - read more on Facebook

Laura Jane Grace is a trans gender leader, author, musician with Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace & the Devouring Mothers and so much more!


Katie Claire

8/13/20 - read more on Facebook

Katie is a nurse, photographer, animal lover (mother of corgis), volunteer, and awesome human! (and today is her birthday!)


Sierra Lyman

8/12/20 - read more on Facebook

Sierra led the non profit world of Vans Warped Tour, worked with Sixthman organizing musical cruises, and is now organizing and improving live-streams.  


Anchor 'n' Mind Yoga | Michelle Swain

8/11/20 - read more on Facebook

Michelle is a yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, and wellness coach. We encourage you sign up for her online yoga classes.

Janewiedlin_By Buchoamerica at English W

Jane Wiedlin

8/11/20 - read more on Facebook

Jane became famous as a member of the Go-Go's, the first all female band to make it writing and playing their own music. She's also a fierce defender of LGBTQ+ rights and animals.


Grrrls With Guitars

8/10/20 - read more on Facebook

Grrrls With Guitars embody all that is riot grrrl and promote all that is woman in music. Read about Black Women in Punk.


Pinups for Pitbulls, Inc.

8/10/20 - read more on Facebook

Pinups for Pitbulls is a nonprofit organization for our four legged friends in need.


Mackenzie Lee Walters

8/9/20 - read more on Facebook

Mackenzie is an activist, music fan extremist, and fierce friend!


Trunk Show | Jaclyn Woznicki

8/9/20 - read more on Facebook

Jaclyn is a jewelry designer who opened up Trunk Show, a hub for local artists, in Tahoe City, CA


Erin Burkett

8/8/20 - read more on Facebook

Erin is the co-founder of Fat Wreck Chords, a mother, and an amazing woman. She cares for her bands and people more than any record person alive.


Fat Wreck Chords

8/8/20 - read more on Facebook

Fat Wreck Chords is an independent punk rock label that started in an apartment in San Francisco's Mission District.


Ruby Riott

8/7/20 - read more on Facebook

Ruby is a WWE Wrestler, humanitarian, and all-around amazing person. Go to her page to join the Riott Squad.



8/7/20 - read more on Facebook

Sarah Blakely founded SPANX with no business or fashion background with the purpose to elevate women.


Miss Eaves

8/6/20 - read more on Facebook

Miss Eaves is an artist, rapper, body positivity proponent, and a true inspiration!


Hogs & Heifers Saloon

8/6/20 - read more on Facebook

PRSL crew and family refer to Hogs & Heifers Saloon in Las Vegas as our home away from home.


Shawna Potter

8/5/20 - read more on Facebook

Shawna is an artist, author, activist, and lead singer of War on Women, who is making the world a more equal place for all.


Kaos Merch | Gaby Kaos

8/5/20 - read more on Facebook

Gaby not only helps print merch, but she also collaborates on design and can build web/e-commerce sites. Learn more.


Heather Sneed

8/4/20 - read more on Facebook

Heather is a dear friend of ours, a super dedicated lover of animals, an amazing nurse, and a truly radical human being.


Hope Tank | Erika Righter

8/4/20 - read more on Facebook

Hope Tank is a for-profit social enterprise in Denver that supports 20 local nonprofit impact partners with its sales.


Dele Peterson

8/3/20 - read more on Facebook

Dele is a mother, sister, firefighter, and all-around amazing human!


Someplace Images  |  Carly Someplace

8/3/20 - read more on Facebook

Carly started a group for women to help promote body positivity & empowerment in women. Visit her page.


Kristen Santos Bixby

8/2/20 - read more on Facebook

Kristen started the Mable Syndrome podcast and collective of and for women.


We are Mable Syndrome Women

8/2/20 - read more on Facebook

The voices of punk rock women. Check out their private Facebook group.

JoanJett_By Toglenn - Own work, CC BY-SA

Joan Jett

8/1/20 - read more on Facebook

The Queen and Mother of PUNK ROCK

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