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Announcing the First Annual End The Stigma Your Way 5K!

Are you looking for a way to be active this summer, and give back while doing it? We are so excited to announce a BRAND NEW fundraising event for Punk Rock Saves Lives (PRSL), and we think you’re going to love it!

Grab your friends and family and join us for our First Annual End The Stigma Your Way 5K this Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 3rd-6th)! This event is VIRTUAL and open to ALL AGES, making it the perfect way to get everyone involved in a cause you are passionate about.

Even better? Affordable registration makes it attainable for all...and gives you access to exclusive merch!

We’ve collected some of the frequently asked questions about the event below. Keep reading to get all the event details!

When is the 5K happening?

The main event "happens" Labor Day weekend; but since it's virtual, you just have to complete the distance by then! Plenty of people are planning their excursions for other days to fit their schedule; so find what works for you!

Where is the 5K happening?

The event is completely VIRTUAL, so no set location! Get out there and move your body wherever you feel comfortable; a nature trail or hike, a gym, a music festival, your local park...wherever works best for you!

Do I need to run the distance? I usually sit out charitable races for this reason...

No, you do NOT have to RUN! The goal is to move the 3.1 miles in whatever way is most comfortable for you; walk, run, skip, hike, stroll, march, saunter, get the idea! And if you need/want to split the distance up, DO IT! No one is going to tell you not to, and your wellness is most important!

What will it cost to participate?

We wanted the event to be as accessible as possible! Standard registration is only $35 per person (VERY AFFORDABLE!), which gets you a rad shirt as well as directly funding PRSL's mission. There is a donor registration for $50, and even a $15 registration for those on a budget/not wanting the merch! (But trust want the merch!)

I want to get my family and friends involved! Are there age restrictions?

It's open to all ages! This means you can get the whole family in on the fun if that's something you're interested in--and while there aren’t youth shirts available, you CAN register your little for $15 without the merch!

Still Need A Reason To Participate?

An event like this, fundraising for a cause like this, is the perfect ice breaker for talking to friends, family, and acquaintances about stigmatized topics like the importance of mental health, healthcare accessibility, and equality. Not to mention the good that joyful movement does for the soul!

Join the virtual 5K and help PRSL beat our $80k fundraising goal to grow our mental health resources and community, promoting MENTAL HEALTH, WELLNESS, and EQUALITY for all!

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