#Griefjourney What do you hold on to when someone dies?

What it means to leave a legacy? What it means to grieve and hold on to whatever you can to process/survive?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word LEGACY as 1. Money or other personal property gifted by a will after someone passes and/or 2. Something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor. I am one to believe the word, LEGACY, is best defined by that second definition and the synonym: HERITAGE. In another description from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, they note the basic meaning of LEGACY is the following:

“A legacy is a gift of money or other personal property that's granted by the terms of a will—often a substantial gift that needs to be properly managed. But the word is used much more broadly as well. So, for instance, much of Western civilization—law, philosophy, aesthetics— could be called the undying legacy of ancient Greece. And the rights and opportunities that women enjoy today are partly the legacy of the early suffragists and feminists.” -Merriam-Webster dictionary