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Dabbles, owner of Spar has been making custom merchandise and organizing events since the early 90’s. Focused on staying out of the box and into underground scenes, he created his own niche of networking and business that crosses genres and industries. Spar has worked with creative and innovative brands, people and bands for decades. Owning a music retail store gave him valuable insight on how to create custom products for his wholesale customers. Having a Mtn Bike manufacturing company with teams competing in World Cup and National events  around the world made organizing events part of the Spar marketing plan. Focus has always been to #Fight to be Unique and not follow trends, but rather forge new styles and ideas with like minded people. 
Swagger Club CA is his fun side project started at the Flying Elephant when Matt Hensley had his pub in Carlsbad. This group is about promoting proper futbol, helping to build supporter groups in the US, bus trips to live matches and showing the states about the beautiful game of soccer.
As a vet, charities have always been important to Spar and his business model to help other vets, illness campaigns, youth organizations and great causes. Tying the punk rock scene in with helping people, along with the amazing group working on the Punk Rock Saves Lives project is very exciting and something Dabbles has said is humbling to be a part of.   #punkrocksaveslives #fighttobeunique #dabblestravels

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