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Alex has been involved with Non-Profits in some shape or form since 2008.  Most recently he has joined forces with Punk Rock Saves Lives (PRSL) in an effort to save lives! His plans consist of being part of the PRSL family indefinitely.  Amongst our many tours you will find Alex most present in festival scenes across North America.  When not Swabbing and headbanging to awesome music, Alex is an engineer by trait with a focus in aerospace and renewable technologies.  Additionally, he enjoys the art of painting, as long as the canvas is a residence of some sort.  When free time is available, Alex appreciates the outdoors, hanging with his fur babies, and working with various non-profits, both locally and on a national scale.  As a new England native, with a home base residing in the State of Connecticut, Alex hopes to help PRSL expand our presence across the east coast.  In addition to saving lives, Alex appreciates meeting new people and participating in in-depth conversations, no matter the topic. If our paths cross, please don’t hesitate to approach him and say “Hi!”

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