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Rob "Rover" Rushing is a believer in this world. He has always been a lover of music, especially punk. From the time he was 16, he worked in record stores and sang in bands. Rob has known all along the power of music.


In 2009 his dear friend passed away at age 32 from what should have been an easily diagnosed medical problem. His friends passing was Rob’s catalyst for action. At this point, he realized he wasn't doing anything good or bad in the world…he was “just living.” It was through this realization that he found the Love Hope Strength Foundation. Over the next decade, Rob focused his energy building the National Marrow Donor Program and helping cancer patients worldwide.


Rob’s passion, energy, and commitment help build a network of amazing volunteers and co-workers across the United States. In 10 years, he helped get 250,000+ people on the National Marrow Donor Registry with over 4,500 potentially life-saving matches.


In 2019 the board of LHSF decided to move forward without their outreach program, which resulted in a reduction in force, and the staff was laid off. Determined to continue with his desire to do good in this world, Rob, along with his amazing wife Tina, a new Board of Directors and a group of amazing supporters launched Punk Rock Saves Lives. PRSL's mission is to use the Punk Community to make a positive change in our society. 






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