It is finally happening! Punk Rock Saves Lives' "I am a badass" collecion is on pre-sale. Remember this is a PRE-SALE going on for TWO weeks. Once the pre-sale closes, we will order the shirts and the printing process will begin. It will take up to a month (longer with shipping delays) to receive your purchase-but we promise, it is WORTH it!


Proceeds for this collection go to help our community of women. Your badass merch order will help cultivate a sisterhood of women knowing they are NOT alone. We do this through our specific peer support group for women, social media presence, connecting women to local mental health resoruces and domestic violence resoruces, and through our women run partnerships. 


Remember to check out- Someplace Images and Glamour and Mable Syndrome. 


I AM A BADASS the t-shirt

  • Pre-Sale runs until May 21st. All items will then be ordered, printed, and shipped out. Please allow time