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The bass slayer hailing from Rochester, NY and currently resides in Long Beach, CA with her partner Bert and two fur babies Patsy and Eddie. She started playing bass at 16 and then picked up the upright bass at  22.  After living in Philadelphia for nearly a  decade, she made her way out west to pursue her dream (with a day job in accounting.) After several stints in local bands, she joined Bad Cop/Bad Cop in 2012 and it's been her home ever since. When she's not playing in Bad Cop she's donating her time to several charities and advocacy groups and is the co-founder of the "Bassists Against Racists" campaign.  She also enjoys working on collaborations with other members of the community in projects like The Asian Spades and Bubu and the Brood. She is a proud anti-fascist, socialist, feminist and will continue to fight for Racial Justice, LGBTQ, Immigrant/Refugee and Animal rights.... all while trying to live her life as fabulous as Patsy Stone.

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